Jamie Lee Sheils
 Co-Founder & Community Developer
18 Summers

Passionate Educator and Simplified Family Genius

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"There is no such thing as a perfect parent, so just be a real one."
-- Sue Atkins
Jamie Sheils is a highly-trained educator, community leader and homelife mentor who is passionate about helping families deepen their connection with one another. She founded Florida’s only Waldorf-inspired public charter school in addition to directing a Public Montessori Charter School and developing/implementing programs in several other public and private schools. She is the grateful ringleader of four beautiful children, ranging in age from toddler to teenagers. Trained by leading Montessori and Waldorf educators, she is a born teacher and nurturer, and loves to keep learning every day.

In her many adventures as a professional educator, entrepreneur, mother, wife, homeschool parent and mentor, Jamie has experienced firsthand the challenges that come along with balancing a well-rounded and joyful life. That’s why, along with her husband Jim Sheils, entrepreneur and author of The Family Board Meeting, she founded the 18 Summers movement.

The 18 Summers movement is built on the simple truth that, at best, we have only 18 summers to enjoy with our children before they are adults. Jamie’s holistic approach to homelife and schooling encourages families to nurture their connections while embracing the time they have together, and offers go-to strategies and counseling to support, simplify and brighten the family dynamic.

She’s worked alongside leading education and family professionals, including Dr. Shefali and Dr. Ned Hallowell, and continues to pioneer the parent-child space. When she’s not building figurative bridges, Jamie enjoys crossing physical ones, and loves taking her family on the road for shared adventures around the U.S. and the world.
Jamie Lee Sheils
18 Summers
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